SkillPASS Documentation

The SkillPASS card records qualifications, certificates and tickets of an employee on the SkillPASS database portal. Employers will be asked to provide documentation on competencies and/or qualifications employees may have. These documents are to be scanned as a clearly readable PDF or JPEG file and uploaded to the SkillPASS portal.

Employee documentation may include:

  • Generic Induction Safety Program
  • Valid and current medical assessment.
  • Qualifications and competencies for the work being performed.
  • Trade certificates and licenses e.g. electrical trade certificate, plumber’s trade certificate, fitter & turner etc.
  • Other training and skills qualifications/certificates/tickets.

After documentation is uploaded to portal, the SkillPASS administration will validate the documentation and verify that competencies are met before issuing cards. Further documentation can be uploaded at any time to update employee records.

For more information on how SkillPASS works click here.

User Manual

This manual takes you step by step through the company registration  and card ordering process for SkillPASS cards. SKILL PASS Registration Guidelines  – Click here to download  


SkillPASS Administration Flowchart – SkillPASS Administration Process

SkillPASS Mobile App Instructions – Click here to download

SkillPASS Mobile App Poster – Click here to download

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Course information

For information on training courses please visit the following training providers’ websites to view their DCGI calendars including training times and locations:

Baseline Training